New Members

Interested in joining WSU Athletics Bands? We'd love to have you in our ranks. In order to participate, you must first register in MUA 2804 (1 credit) or MUA 0804 (0 credit). We do not audition for band participation. Anyone with high school marching experience is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the marching band. Our elite basketball pep band is a 25 member auditioned ensemble. Priority is given based upon musicianship and dedication to the band. Please email Dr. James Fusik, Director of Athletic Bands, at if you are interested in joining. 
Here is some pertinent Band Camp Information:

Colorguard and Drumline- August 17-19, 2022, 9:00am-12:00pm
Full Band Camp  
August 23-27, 2022, 9:00am-5:00pm 
All camp activities will take place at the football practice field (behind the WSU Football Stadium off of Trumbull Ave)
What you need to bring
Sunscreen, Hat, Water bottle, Flip Folder (w/ at least 15 pages for music), Lyre (instrument specific), any specific needs of your instrument (reeds, mouthpieces, valve oil, cork grease, drumsticks, etc.) and a positive attitude ready to accomplish much while having fun. Please come to rehearsal prepared.
We will provide Mellophones, Baritones, Sousaphones, Drums, Flags. We will not provide flutes, clarinets, trumpets, or saxophones.
Lunch will be provided during band camp.