Electronic Music Ensemble

Note: Due to COVID-19 please refer to Fall 2020 Ensemble Information for a brief overview of each ensemble's method of instruction for the semester.

Electronic Music Ensemble of Wayne State (EMEWS) is a group dedicated to develop and experience the contemporary electronic music performance practices. The participants learn to incorporate electronic instruments, such as synthesizer, drum machine, sampler, and computers, in an ensemble situation. The ensemble also studies and realizes various electroacoustic repertoire as well as original compositions by the students and faculty. EMEWS uses the Electronic Music Performance Lab with various vintage and new electronic instruments, live sound reinforcement gear, and industry-standard recording facility.

Electronic Music Ensemble (open to music technology majors or by audition)
Course Number: MUA 2891
Rehearsal Times: Thursdays 4:30-7pm
Contact: Joo Won Park, Assistant Professor, Music Technology
Phone: (313) 577-1780