Random Acts of Music

Welcome to Music @ Wayne State: Random Acts of Music!

Picture of Flute PlayerIn a time when we are not on campus and isolated from one another, Music @ Wayne State: Random Acts of Music is a way to bring everyone together through the connecting power of music. Let's summon our Creative Warrior pride, uplift each other and our community through the healing nature of sharing music with others.

This social media project gives our WSU Creative Warrior community the opportunity to engage, while highlighting the talents and passion of our students, faculty, alumni and community. Together we'll show the world that while we cannot be together on campus right now, we CAN stay connected.

We want to hear from you (yes, you!). We welcome all types of contentformal and informal performances, "mini-lectures" on musical topics, saying hello from wherever you are in the world, creative musical projects that you might like to share, and more.

We will share as many submissions as we can! However, we cannot guarantee that every submission will be shared.

Hashtags: #waynestatemusic #waynestatemusicRAM #creativewarriors

Share, Connect and Engage in the Following Ways (Any, or all of the following):

Record and send us a video of you performing a piece of your choice from your home/office/ etc.

  • Students, Faculty and Alumni: Showcase a performance (Want to share a piece from a planned degree recital or something from a lesson? We'd love to share it)

  • Faculty and Alumni: Is there a favorite piece that's inspiring you now as you continue your passion and research from home? (A short recorded lecture about music or online learning, a recorded interview with a colleague on issues pertaining to music, etc. There is ability to do a Facebook Live demonstration.)


  • Who can participate: All WSU Department of Music community members are invited to participate, including students, alumni, faculty, and staff across the department.
  • Length: No more than 5-7 minutes. Shorter is better.
  • Orientation: Please submit horizontal videos, not vertical.
  • File size: Send us your file at the highest resolution possible. (High definition is 1920x1080px).
  • File name: Please name your files with your full name & title of piece/video.
  • Copyright: If there is music in your submission, it must be either 1) in the public domain and findable on IMSLP, or 2) something you hold the rights to, i.e. an original song or improvisation.
  • Language: We welcome submissions in languages other than English! Please provide an English translation, or make your video bilingual (English & other language).

Volunteer to do a live concert!

Going live on Social Media

  • Instagram Live Ensembles can go live together from a single location. (Social distancing should be observed during COVID-19)
  • Facebook Live Facebook Live option or pre-recorded video

Volunteer to do an Instagram Takeover

Take over our @waynestatemusic Instagram account for a day!

  • Post photos on our feed
  • Show our audience a day in the life of a memberof the WSU Department of Music community
  • Interact with our audience on our story

Reach out to Leah Celebi at leah.celebi@wayne.edu to discuss ideas on how to make this fun and engaging for everyone. ANYONE can do it!

Ready to Submit Your Content?

You will be promted to include your class year( or graduation year if alumni), current year at Wayne State, any details about yourself and your home setup/location, etc.

Current students and faculty can upload videos directly to the form above. If you are an Alumni you will be promted to include a link to a digital folder such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

By sending content to us you give us permission to post to our social media channels. Just send the video and we'll take care of the rest!

We wil send detailed instructions regarding technology set up (step-by-step guide on how to upload videos, how best to take them), as well as an agreement to be signed for LIVE or Takeovers.

*Note videos should be sent in Mp4 or .mov format

Questions? Need help with technology? Want to sign up for a LIVE or takeover, or want to send us a video but don't know where to start? Reach out to Leah Celebi at leah.celebi@wayne.edu to collaborate!

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