Warrior Band

We Want YOU in the Wayne State University Warrior Band!

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Coming to Wayne State University this fall? Were you in marching band in high school? If so, join the WSU Warrior Marching Band! Earn a modest activity award scholarship while participating in an activity you love and bolstering the campus spirit!

The Warrior Marching Band is a 0 credit class (MUA 0804) OR 1 credit class (MUA 2804) that rehearses every Th/Fr 5:30-7:30 and game day Saturday mornings. We perform at every home football game.

To join our summer mailing list or to ask any additional questions, please email Dr. James Fusik, Director of Athletic Bands, at jfusik@wayne.edu


Wayne State Warrior Marching Band Fall 2024 Information

For incoming freshmen or new members joining the Warrior Marching Band for the Fall 2024 season, we are excited to welcome you to Wayne State! The best and most up-to-date way for the band to contact you with specific information in the summer is to fill out our quick informational Google Interest form. 

It is also linked on the Warrior Band Facebook and Instagram pages. Please give us a like for periodic updates on special events throughout the summer, search 'Wayne State University Marching Band'

Preseason Dates: The Warrior Band meets for preseason band camp the full week before classes begin, 9 AM to 5 PM, August 19-23, Monday-Friday. In addition there is a two-day pre-camp for drumline and strongly recommended for Winds, August 16 and 17 from noon to 4 PM. 

Auditions: While there is no audition prior to band camp, members of the Warrior Band are expected to demonstrate basic competence of marching and playing at the appropriate collegiate level. This includes marching in step and time, and the necessary range and technique to confidently and loudly perform on their instrument. Students who do not demonstrate this ability by the end of preseason band camp will be dismissed for the season from the ensemble.

How to Join Warrior Marching Band: 

Registration: Please register for the course attached to Warrior Marching Band. MUA 0804 or MUA 2804, for 0 or 1 credit, respectively. MUA 2804 is the expected registration for everyone, given WSU’s flat rate tuition model. If you feel that you must register for MUA 0804, please email Dr. Fusik who will guide you through the necessary advising (jfusik@wayne.edu).

 Calendar Dates for August:

Aug 16 and 17 – Pre-camps for Color Guard and Drumline. The times are currently set for noon to 4 PM. With lead time, we will work to potentially arrange stayovers with fellow WSU students if ‘special’ early move-in is not approved by campus housing. 

Aug 19-23 – Band Camp on Tom Adams Field. Rehearsals begin promptly at 9 AM, ending at 5 PM with a lunch break at noon. Leadership should plan to arrive at a minimum 8 AM, other members at 8:30 in order to park, get instruments out of storage/assembled, and otherwise be ready. To be early is to be on time!

Aug 25 (Sunday) – the band will parade march for the new student convocation on campus, leading into FestiFall. The tentative call time is 1:00 PM, and we will be finished by 4:00 PM.  

Early Move-in: For students living on campus, the following steps and timelines must be met to ensure your dorm room is ready for early move-in:

1.      Register for MUA 2804

2.      Email Dr. Fusik (jfusik@wayne.edu), clearly stating that you plan to live on campus, are joining the band, and need to move in. This Email must be done by NOON on JULY 15 to ensure the housing office has their accurate check in sheet. 

3.      Housing will email you directly to complete the early -move in request processing. You must complete their requests in a timely manner, simply emailing Dr. Fusik once does not guarantee early move in. 

4.      The date of early move-in will be Sunday, Aug 18th for the whole band, possibly Saturday, the 17th for Color Guard and Percussion completing pre-camp