Music Technology Curriculum

About the major: The concentration in music technology combines the study of recording arts and eletroacoustic music composition with a focus in developing skills in sound design, sound engineering, sound production and much more.
Career opportunities: Students who pursue a major in music with a concentration in music technology may be preparing for careers as music producer, music engineer, audio technician, sound designer, audio software developer, electronic music performer, electroacoustic composer, and music technology researcher. Additional study at the graduate level is usually required to teach on the collegiate level.
General Education Requirement
MUH 1345 Music Cultures (to satisfy the Global Learning requirement) 3
Other requirements (i.e. Basic Composition, Oral Communication, etc.) 32
Piano Competency, Applied Music, and Ensembles
MUA 1795 Piano Skills I 2
MUA 2795 Piano Skills II 2
Six terms of appropriate MUP courses (private instruction in principal instrument or voice, 1 credit per term - total six credits). See Principal and Secondary Private Instruction Courses
Select four terms of major ensemble (must be elected concurrently with MUP private instruction) of the following: 4
MUA 2800 University Bands 1
MUA 2810 University Symphony Orchestra 1
MUA 2820 Jazz Big Band 1
MUA 2822 Jazz Guitar Ensemble 1
MUA 2840 Choral Union 1
MUA 2850 Concert Chorale 1
MUA 2891 Electronic Music Ensemble (2 req. must be elected concurrently with MUP private instruction) 1
General Lectures and Concerts
MUA 0900 General Lectures and Concerts (four terms) 0
Music History, Theory, and Technology
MUH 3310 Music History and Literature I 3
MUH 3320 Music History and Literature II 3
MUH 3330 Music History and Literature III 3
MUT 1140 Theory I 3
MUT 1150 Ear Training I 1
MUT 1160 Theory II 3
MUT 1170 Ear Training II 1
MUT 2140 Theory III 3
MUT 2150 Ear Training III 1
MUT 2160 Theory IV 3
MUT 2170 Ear Training IV 1
MUT 5997 Analytical Techniques 3
MUA 2500 Music Technology 3
Music Technology Requirements
MUA 4010 Audio Electronics 3
MUA 4020 Theories of Electronic Music 3
MUT 5280 Interactive Electronic Music Composition 3
MUA 4030 Sound Design for Visual Media 3
MUA 4040 Electroacoustic Music 3
MAT 1050 Algebra With Trigonometry 5,7
MUA 4950 Music Technology Senior Project 1
MUA 2400 Music Business I 3
MUA 2510 Studio Recording Techniques 2
MUA 2530 Electronic Music Synthesis 3
MUA 3530 Sound Design 3
MUA 3510 Mixing and Mastering 2
MUA 3550 Advanced Studio Techniques 2
Total Credits 123-125