Exploratory Track

Music Exploratory Cluster is for students who are interested in pursuing a major in music but have not yet decided on a specific concentration. Students may choose a concentration in composition, instrumental music education, jazz studies, music business, music technology, performance, or vocal
music education.

This cluster introduces students to the core curriculum of the music program. This cluster also provides the opportunity to explore personal strengths and career interests. Discussing interests and goals early in the first semester with the academic advisor in the Department of Music is a key component of this exploratory cluster.

Music auditions and scholarships

Admission into the music program requires a successful audition. No audition is required to minor in music, however prerequisites must be satisfied to take music courses.

For incoming first year students, scholarship eligibility is determined in the audition process. Be sure to look closely at our audition information so you are prepared:

You are eligible for consideration for entry level scholarships if you plan to be a music major and complete a successful audition. You may audition even as an exploratory music student. Departmental scholarships are determined through the audition process. If you wish you wait and explore for a semester or two before auditioning, then at the time of your audition you would be considered for any scholarships that are available at that time.

For more music program information or to talk about your interests, please contact the academic advisor in the Department of Music.

Please note that clusters are not degree programs and the sooner students select a degree program, the more likely they are to complete their university studies in a timely manner. Therefore, at any time during the two semesters of this exploratory cluster, students are encouraged to declare a major by contacting the deapartment's academic advisor. It is highly encouraged that this selection should be made by the end of the second semester.