Pursue your interest in music as you acquire a familiarity with aspects of music theory, ear training, and music history and performance. Participate in performance ensembles and hone transferable professional job skills in communication, analytical and critical thinking.

To add a music minor, please contact:
Dr. John Edwartowski, Department of Music Advisor
Email: aa5534@wayne.edu
Phone: 313-577-1662

Minor in Music

Minor Requirements: Students pursuing a Minor in Music must complete a minimum of twenty-two credits, distributed as follows:

MUT 1140 Theory I (3 cr)
MUT 1150 Ear Training I (1 cr)
MUT 1160 Theory II (3 cr)
MUT 1170 Ear Training II (1 cr)
MUT 2140 Theory III (3 cr)
MUT 2150 Ear Training III (1 cr)

MUSIC HISTORY (6 credits)
MUH 1340 World Music (3 cr) (VP, CI, GL)
MUH 1370 Music Appreciation (3 cr) (VP, CI, GL)
MUH 3310 Music History and Literature I (3 cr)
MUH 3320 Music History and Literature II (3 cr)
MUH 3330 Music History and Literature III (3 cr)
MUH 3360 Jazz History (3 cr) (DEI)

Four semesters selected from:
MUA 2800 University Bands (1 cr)
MUA 2810 University Symphony Orchestra (1 cr)
MUA 2820 Jazz Big Band (1 cr)
MUA 2822 Jazz Guitar Ensemble (1 cr)
MUA 2840 Choral Union (1 cr)
MUA 2850 Concert Chorale (1 cr)

Minor in Music Technology

Music Technology: 19 credit hours

Learn the fundamentals of sound engineering and electronic music production. Take courses in a professional recording studio and synthesis lab. Then apply your learned audio technology to your professional field and/or your own creative projects.

MUA 2500 Music Technology (3 cr.)
MUA 2510 Studio Recording Techniques (2 cr.)
MUA 2530 Electronic Music Synthesis (3 cr.)
MUA 3510 Mixing and Mastering (2 cr.)
MUA 3530 Sound Design (3 cr.)
Two of the following classes:
MUA 3550 Advanced Studio Techniques (2 cr.)
MUA 4010 Audio Electronics (3 cr.)
MUA 4020 Theories of Electronic Music (3 cr.)
MUA 4030 Sound Design for Visual Media (3 cr.)
MUA 4040 Electroacoustic Music (3 cr.)
MUT 5280 Interactive Electronic Music Composition (3 cr.)
PHY 3100 The Sounds of Music (4 cr.)

Minor in Music Industry Studies

Music Industry Studies: 18-19 credit hours

The Music Department offers a minor in Music Industry Studies to undergraduate students majoring in other disciplines. The program is designed for students who wish to engage with and explore the theoretical and practical fundamentals of the music industry.

MUA 1351 History and Styles of Rock and Roll (3 cr.)
OR MUA 1350 History of American Popular Music (3 cr.)
MUA 2400 Survey of the Music Business (3 cr.)
MUA 3500 Music IP and Stakeholders (3 cr.)
ECO 2010 Principles of Microeconomics (4 cr.)
Two or more of the following classes (to reach a minimum of 18 credits):
MUA 4000 Marketing and Artist Management in Music
MUA 4500 Music Entrepreneurship and Leadership
MUA 5800 Strategy and Organization in Music
MUA 5900 Music Industry Seminar
FPC 5660 Creativity
COM 4680 WAYN Radio
THR 3651 Principles of Theatre Management
THR 3681 Theatre Management: Patron Services and Development
*Additionally, students may elect any course in MUP, MUA, MUT, or MUH to meet the elective requirements.