WSU Department of Music to Host International Jazz Day Youth Jazz Invitational

The Wayne State Department of Music will host an event featuring student Jazz ensembles from 6 Detroit Public Schools: Duke Ellington, Cass Tech, Renaissance, Detroit School of the Arts, Bates Academy, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Saturday April 30th, 2022 10:00am-4:10 (EST)

Live Streamed at :

- Live from the Future Home of the Gretchen C Valade Jazz Center on WSU Campus

This event will feature:

- Wayne State Univ Jazz Faculty: Chris Collins, Valade End. Chair in jazz, Russ Miller, Vince Chandler, Chuck Newsome

- Detroit Jazz Festival National Guest Artist trumpeter Theo Crocker.

Duke Ellington, Cass Tech., Renaissance, and DSA will each perform and receive a one-on-one workshop from Wayne State Univ. Jazz Faculty and a final workshop and performance by national DJF guest artist Theo Crocker with Wayne State Univ. students and alumni.


Host: Chris Collins WSU Valade End. Chair in Jazz/ President, Detroit Jazz Festival Found.

10am -- Duke Ellington Mid. School

- Clinician: Chuck Newsome

10:55 - Cass Tech High School

- Clinician: Vince Chandler

(LUNCH) 2022 JC Heard JazzWeek@Wayne Info - Detroit Jazz Profs. - WSU Jazz Faculty Nonet

1:00 - Renaissance High School

- Clinician: Russ Miller

2:00 - Detroit School of the Arts

- Clinician: Theo Crocker

3:20 -- THEO CROCKER Performance with WSU Jazz Students and Alumni

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