Grad Student Maritza Garibay Presents Her Research on Experimental Music

Graduate student Maritza Garibay was selected to present her research at the WSU Graduate School's 2022 Graduate Research Symposium on March 10, 2022. Her presentation was titled, "Pauline's Disciples: The Continuing Reverberations of Oliveros's Deep Listening Practice" and was met with an enthusiastically positive response from conference attendees. Following the conclusion of the symposium, Ms. Garibay's presentation took second place among the best presentations of the day.

The project originated in MUH 5300 (Music Research) in the fall 2021 semester. "Ms. Garibay successfully combined some pretty challenging theoretical material with a well-executed ethnographic approach," explained Dr. Joshua S. Duchan, the instructor for the course. "In the end, she offered a talk that audience members clearly enjoyed and appreciated. And she left them wanting to learn more, which is perhaps the best thing for a public presentation like this."

Garibay will be offering a longer version of her presentation at a conference hosted by McGill University later this spring. She is currently pursuing the Master of Arts in Music degree in the Department of Music. Congratulations, Maritza!

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