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Graduate Programs

The Wayne State University Department of Music offers two graduate degrees: the Master of Arts and the Master of Music.  Both degree programs are supervised by highly qualified faculty with extensive academic and professional experience in their areas of expertise. For specific program information, please select a degree:

Master of Arts
The Master of Arts degree is designed for students who wish to pursue an academic career in music through a broad liberal arts curriculum.

Master of Music
The Master of Music degree is intended for students who wish to pursue a professional concentration in composition/theory, conducting, or performance (vocal, instrumental, jazz).

The Orchestral Studies certificate is currently on hold. Read the Gainful Employment Disclosure.


Graduate Program News

  • The revised version of the Graduate Student Handbook is now available on this page (see below) and elsewhere on the Department of Music website.  Be sure to save a copy of the latest version!
  • Applications are now open for the Master's Retention Scholarship and the Master's Completion Scholarship (see links below).  The deadline is October 20.


Graduate Student Scholarships
Support for graduate studies is available from both institituional and non-institutional sources. More information about Department of Music scholarships is available under the "Scholarships" tab. Additional information about financial support for graduate study is also available from the Wayne State University Graduate School, the CFPCA, and the Office of Student Financial Aid. Sources of institutional funding include:

Graduate Student Handbook
The Graduate Student Handbook contains the policies and procedures that govern the graduate programs in the Department of Music. All graduate students are encouraged to read it and keep a copy for reference.

Graduate Placement Examinations
Incoming graduate students are required to take Graduate Placement Examinations in music history and music theory.

The next round of Graduate Placement Examinations will be held in early January, 2018.  Specific date and time to be announced.

Incoming graduate students will only be allowed to register for selected graduate courses if they do not pass the exams.  (Under certain circumstances, students who earned a bachelor's degree in the Department of Music at Wayne State University may be exempt from the Graduate Placement Exam requirement. See the Graduate Student Handbook for details.)  

Plan of Work
All Master's students must complete and submit a Plan of Work no later than the completion of twelve (12) graduate credit hours. After completing the form, it must be approved by the student's program advisor and the Department's Graduate Officer. More information about the Plan of Work can be found on the Graduate School website.

Guide to Graduate Electives in Music 
Each semester, the Department of Music publishes a "Guide to Graduate Electives in Music" to help students plan their course selections.

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