Private lessons

Undergraduate Major and Principal Instrument Private Lesson Request Form
Undergraduate students majoring with a concentration of performance should register for 3 credit major applied lessons (i.e. MUP 2XXX and MUP 4XXX). Undergraduate students majoring with a concentration of Instrumental/Vocal Music Education, Composition, Jazz Studies, Music Business, Music Technology, and Bachelor of Arts in Music should register for 1 credit principal applied lessons (i.e. MUP 1XXX and MUP 3XXX).

Graduate students majoring with a concentration of performance or Orchestral Studies should register for 3 credit major applied lessons (i.e. MUP 7XXX). Graduate students registering for Principal or Secondary Private Lessons should register for 1 credit principal/secondary applied lessons (i.e. MUP 6XXX).
Secondary and Non-major Private Lesson Request Form
Students who plan to register for Secondary lessons must complete and submit their Private Lesson Request Form to the main office for departmental approval.  Non-majors who wish to take private lessons must schedule an appointment with Professor Russ Miller, Interim Associate Chair for departmental approval.
Private Lesson Term Report
All Undergraduate and Graduate students enrolled in Private Applied Music Instruction (MUP) in the Department of Music are required to file an Applied Music Term Report each term of enrollment. This report provides both the student and the Department with a formal record of accomplishments during each term of enrollment. Completed Term Reports are due to your private teacher before the scheduled final examination period each term. Final grades will not be entered until term reports have been turned in.