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Music Courses

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2500 Piano Skills for the Music Classroom

Prereq: MUA 2795. Open only to students in the vocal music education curriculum.

Continuation of MUA 2795. Additional practice with functional skills needed in music classroom. Students acquire a repertoire of musical selections commonly used in the educational setting.

3500 Introduction to Music Education

Course work includes lesson-plan writing, introduction to methodologies, and participating in teaching experiences. Exploration of philosophical, historical, psychological, and cultural/social foundations of the profession in the context of practical exercises.

3510 Teaching General Music

Prereq: MED 3500. Open only to music education students.

Developing a knowledge base for teaching general music including application of learning theories, developmental characteristics of children, and appropriate literature, materials, and resources. Emphasis on structuring successful learning experiences through effective planning, delivery, and evaluation of music instruction for students in grades K-12.

3990 Directed Study

Prereq: written consent of department. Open only to upper division or post bachelor music majors.

4510 Vocal Music in Schools I

Prereq: MED 3500.

Course expands and develops the knowledge base and teaching competencies introduced in MED 3510. Class activities explore strategies for engaging children in a variety of musical experiences that align with state and national standards. Fieldwork in the schools provides an opportunity to apply and refine specific teaching skills within a real-world setting. Emphasis on K-6 elementary music classroom.

4530 Vocal Music in Schools II

Prereq: MED 4510. Open only to vocal music education majors.

Role of choral and vocal music education in secondary schools. Class activities, readings, and fieldwork focus on curriculum development, repertoire, score analysis, rehearsal planning, rehearsal techniques, vocal pedagogy and assessment. Organizational and managerial aspects such as recruitment, budgeting and scheduling are also included.

4540 Instrumental Music in the Schools I

Prereq: MUA 1720, MUA 1730, MUA 1740, MUA 1750, MUA 1760, MED 3500.

Teaching techniques, materials and organization of instrumental music in elementary schools.

4550 Instrumental Music in the Schools II

Prereq: MED 4540.

Teaching techniques, materials and organization of instrumental music in secondary schools.

4560 Practicum in Music Education

Prereq: MED 3500 and admission to College of Education. Offered for S and U grades only.

Practicum provides field experiences in elementary or secondary school settings prior to full-time student teaching. Students apprentice with a cooperating teacher while assisting, observing and teaching throughout the semester. A minimum of 15 hours per week in an approved classroom is required.

4570 Student Teaching and Seminar

Prereq: 2.5 g.p.a. in major; admission to College of Education; admission to student teaching. Offered for S and U grades only.

Directed teaching in schools at grade levels for which advanced students are preparing for certification. Seminars feature discussion of important educational issues.

5550 Choral Conducting and Rehearsal Techniques

Prereq: MUA 3670 or equiv. No credit for M.Mus. in conducting or music education.

Conducting and rehearsal methods and materials for secondary schools.

7990 Directed Study in Music Education

Prereq: written consent of advisor. Open only to master's candidates in music education.

7999 Master's Essay Direction

Prereq: written consent of advisor. Open only to master's candidates in music education.

8999 Master's Thesis Direction

Open only to M.Mus. candidates in music education electing Plan A. Prereq: nine credits in graduate music education and written consent of advisor.

Preparation of M.M. thesis project in music education.