Wayne State University

Hal Weary



Hal Weary brings a creative flair to his compositions and piano playing. He enjoys working and thinking across genres in music and disciplines in the arts; and has national/international experience as a performer and composer. His most recent orchestral composition, "Beyond the Eastern Shore" encompasses a pluralistically lyrical, rhythmic, and harmonically approachable style that intersects Western art music with popular music and non-Western music. His research focuses on the 21st century musician: artistry, industry, technology, and pedagogy. "Entrepreneurial artists, who possess creative expression, and an in-depth knowledge of music business and music technology increasingly, drive the music industry. They have taken control of both the content and context of their artistic material to the mass market. It has become essential for artists to acquire an immense skill set to thrive within the changing landscape of the music industry." Dr. Weary began taking formal lessons at the age of 10, but gained his earliest professional musical experience playing gospel at the age of 5. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Music from San José State University, a Master’s degree in Music Management from William Paterson University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Composition and Arranging from Five Towns College in Dix Hills, New York. He also studied music at the University of Washington and Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. Currently, he directs the Music Business program at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Previously, he was Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Music Business and Music Industry Studies at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. He has several years music business industry experience in New York City and continues to collaborate with world class musicians, scholars, and music industry professionals.

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