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Leith Campbell works at the intersection of technology and creativity, attempting to find new, more organic methods of expressing meaning and emotion through the use of technological means, as well as using machines to interrogate humanities relationship to technology. Ranging from avant garde electronic music composition through to mobile electro-mechanical (robotic) sculpture, there are few mediums under the rubric of technology he has not touched on in the past ten years.

Starting initially as a student of improvised music, he has parlayed the free form aesthetic of improvisation into the logical system of the algorithm; instead of improvising himself, he gives the machines the rules and directs them to improvise. In the style of John Cage and Brian Eno, he would far rather be surprised than in total control. He has shown and performed across the country and extensively in Southeast Michigan, both solo and in collaboration with Apetechnology. Notable installations were for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Orchestra Hall, The Power Center, all of the Dlectricity Festivals and more.

He also does audio engineering and mastering work, with releases on the Third Man and Two Rooms record labels. He has a Bachelors in Music Technology from Wayne State University and a Masters of Media Arts from the University of Michigan.