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The Irvin D. Reid Honors College and your major department are working together to offer two Honors Options so that you can find the best way to fit Honors into your study program.

Option 1: Departmental Honors 
You may wish to concentrate your energies in your major and, depending on the degree program you choose, you may also find that you have a large number of courses to take in your major department each semester. This may limit the scheduling flexibility needed to take courses in University Honors. Departmental Honors is designed to allow students more concentrated study and challenge in the core courses required in the major.

Option 2: University Honors 
For full information about the comprehensive program in The Irvin D. Reid Honors College, please contact Liza Lagman-Sperl (ab8898@wayne.edu) and consult the Honors website at honors.wayne.edu.

To discuss the options of either Honors tracks (Departmental or University) please contact the Department of Music advisor, Maurice Draughn, at mdraughn@wayne.edu.  

Outline of Honors Options 

List 1 - Choose two courses with Honors Option from the following for 6-7 credits:

MUH 3310 : Music History and Lit I (3 credits)

MUH 3320: Music History and Lit II (3 credits)

MUH 3330: Music History and Lit III (3 credits)

MUT 5597: Analytic Technique (4 credits)

List 2 - Choose one course from the following for 2-3 credits:

An Honors Option from your major (2000 Level or above). This may be a 2 credit or a 3 credit class.

One Honors Gen Ed for your program (3 credits)

Another class from List I above

One Honors Seminar from among HON 4200 through 4280 (3 credits)

Write a capstone undergrad thesis (0 credits). This may be done as the Writing Intensive (WI) component for either Music History II or Analytic Techniques. Performance majors have the option of a paper based on the selections for their senior recital. This paper focuses on the music selected for the Senior Recital. This paper would include the historical and social contexts for each selection, information about the composer, and detailed program notes for the recital. It would be reviewed both by the student’s advisor and private instructor.

Student must maintain an overall 3.3 G.P.A.

University Honors 
If you are interested in University Honors instead of a program designed more specifically around your major, please find out more about the University’s challenging and engaging Honors Program by contacting Rachel Pawlowski (honors@wayne.edu) in The Irvin D. Reid Honors College.